The daily life of robotics

It is estimated that by 2018 there are 2 million 327 thousand industrial robots. Production of industrial robots worldwide The evolution of industrial automation market is unstoppable. The advantages of automation over the increasing competitiveness of an increasingly... read more

Advances in robotics

Scientists at Harvard University have created the first amorphous robot based on a microfluidic system that mimics the movements of an octopus. The study, published in the journal Nature, indicates that the device is about two feet high and is made of silicone. In the... read more

Robotics in the logistics sector

We can say that robotics will be one of the key sectors in job creation and, at the same time, we will go witnessing a remarkable robot control in many sectors. Logistics as spearhead the development of robotics If robots have not been good so far, a great impact on... read more

The industry uses robots to test their cars

Is intended to test cars are made by robots getting more hours of testing in less time Robots are developed for testing cars The automotive industry is working on a technology that will replace people by robots so that they can perform tests of their cars. In this... read more