It is estimated that by 2018 there are 2 million 327 thousand industrial robots.

Production of industrial robots worldwide

The evolution of industrial automation market is unstoppable. The advantages of automation over the increasing competitiveness of an increasingly connected world cause this trend.

According to data of National Robot Associations projected by Statista, manufacture of industrial robots increases year after year, he states that in 2010 there were 1 million 59 thousand industrial robots and that in 2012 the amount totaled 1 million 235 thousand units, I say, had an increase of 176,000 machines of this type.

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continuing trend, since in 2014 the amount of 2012 was exceeded by 245 thousand additional robots. The study also estimates that this year close 2016 with 569,000 industrial robots million, and for 2018 the amount amounts to two million 327 thousand units.

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