Scientists at Harvard University have created the first amorphous robot based on a microfluidic system that mimics the movements of an octopus.

The study, published in the journal Nature, indicates that the device is about two feet high and is made of silicone. In the first stage, the polymers were poured into a silicone mold, after which, through a 3D printing them was inserted a special ink to set the volume. After heat treatment, the ink is evaporated leaving empty channels. Signals to the extremities are made through a microfluidic system.

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As fuel used a 50% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Reacting with platinum, peroxide decomposes generating large amounts of water and oxygen. The pressure difference between the gas and the liquid causes it to move to the circuits.

According to scientists, one millimeter of this fuel allows the ‘octobot’ operate autonomously for eight minutes. But still it is not able to perform specific tasks, only imitates the movements of the animal.

Click on the image below to see the explanatory video.

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