We can say that robotics will be one of the key sectors in job creation and, at the same time, we will go witnessing a remarkable robot control in many sectors.

Logistics as spearhead the development of robotics

If robots have not been good so far, a great impact on the logistics sector (80% of logistics facilities are handled still manual) it should be considered that large companies such as DHL, Amazon or Google are focusing on innovation in its production processes through the inclusion of robots.

In this regard it emphasizes the study by DHL“Robotics in Logistics” which refer to the company reports on some of his experiences with robots and the increasing use of such robots in the tasks of picking, packing, transport of goods last mile, etc.

Another company at the forefront of robotics is Amazon, which invested in its logistics chain in robots known as Kiva, responsible staff complement tasks in collecting, packaging and shipping of products.


These cases show that as the study notes “Of Robots and Men-in logistics. Towards a confident visión of logistics 2025” (presented by Roland Berger and can consult (including pdf 2): the massive arrival of robots in logistics is not questionable The real question is when and how to best prepare for it..

This second study also shows how in the next ten years some 1.5 million jobs will be replaced by robots in the Eurozone.

It shuffled in the study that the cost of a robot logistics in less than two years will be about 100,000 euros and its use will mean a reduction of between 20 and 40% in tasks like handling.

These trends in logistics will involve an opportunity for more skilled and technology training at the expense of the less creative and more mechanical tasks dedicated professional employees.

It is a fact that the evolution of technology is going faster than the training of professionals in the fields of technology, digitization, robotics etc. implementation of research policies is necessary and in this sense IMF Business School is committed to the education and training of professionals who are able to manage an increasingly digitized and robotized working environment.

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