Is intended to test cars are made by robots getting more hours of testing in less time

Robots are developed for testing cars

The automotive industry is working on a technology that will replace people by robots so that they can perform tests of their cars. In this way, the drivers will not have to suffer the harsh conditions to which the cars are subjected during testing.

Do you know how many people are needed to test the cars during the development of a new model or to resolve failures? Hundreds of drivers in each brand are responsible for driving, walking kilometers to subsequently analyzed in the laboratory wear car, chassis, wheels, suspension, bodywork …

The automotive industry has been working on developing a technology that can replace these people by robots, and is that tests are not always easy for these test pilots: drive over sidewalks, tests potholes, under extreme weather conditions. .. in this way you can do many more hours of testing (the robots would have to rest) in less time and so the cars would be more reliable.


There is already a kit that includes a control module that is installed in the vehicle to control the direction. An actuator system handles the accelerator and brake pedals and remote control of the car would be made from a control room in which the test and its results would be monitored. Naturally, the car will have a GPS system and many cameras to analyze everything that happens, not only in the car, but abroad.

But the most important thing is that the pilot will not have to endure the ordeals to which is subjected a car. He thinks there is evidence that literally torture the car and the driver suffers them in the same proportion. Within a few months of testing compress 10 years of daily driving: tests on land with the firm in disrepair, gravel, mud pits, large speed bumps, cobblestones, metal bars …

This technology will allow these tests to be performed by robots and thus save money by requiring less time to end these tests and was not the figure of the tester would be necessary during the test. At this point it is up to the manufacturer to shorten test time to bring to market its new model well before or at the same time as before, further testing and offer a more rugged vehicle.

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